A rare opportunity to be the hero for campus, foodservice and retail merchants with a Toronto-based start-up disrupting the market with a vision to Humanize Commerce. If you have an unstoppable hunger to win and undeniable charisma, we want to meet you, now!

About Nōwn (Lucova Inc. doing business as Nōwn)
Nōwn POS is the complete solution that puts the focus on the person behind the purchase. We’re out to prove that traditional loyalty programs don’t work and scalable, authentic connections between a business and their customers is the only path to success. We’re taking over the retail & quick serve markets and we want your help to do it.

About the Role
You are a believer in the ‘customer is always right’. You know exactly when to agree and when to push back to guide the customer towards success. You will be helping our customer base, from small to large enterprise foodservice and retail merchants across North America, by employing your keen sense of problem solving, your teamwork skills, your leadership skills and your amazing emotional IQ to uncover your customer’s issues, remove friction and continue to increase our Client Happiness score. Using your extensive software knowledge, you will navigate through simple daily client emails to sophisticated challenges. You will find ways to automate processes, uncover optimizations in our product and help design more intuitive product interfaces. Ultimately, you are the voice of the customer in our company - constantly championing their needs across our organization: from sales, to marketing to operations and product development. This role requires high energy, creativity, very strong written and oral communication skills and a natural leader. (Don't be surprised if this motivates you to become a CEO one day! The customer platform is where it begins!).

What we expect from you:

  • Champion our customer’s needs internally within our company at all times
  • Resolve our customer’s questions, issues or challenges by working as the central-lead between the customer and our team.
  • Constantly find ways to improve our customer success unit and our metrics by seeking ways to automate solutions, reduce friction points in the product and make it more Human!

To be successful, you will need to be great at:

  • EMPATHY, you’ll need to bring that high emotional IQ of yours and build relationships with people who just need some help.
  • COMMUNICATION, you’re an artist in your own right with your professional written and oral skills to turn our customers into your and our company’s champion, at some of the most difficult times.
  • TECHNICAL, you have a passion for software and/or hardware and could have been an engineer if it were not for your love of people that turned you to the frontline

Some of the activities you could be responsible for:

  • Be on the front line dealing with clients ranging from Universities and Colleges to, Enterprise clients, to the small business in your neighbourhood;
  • Take a leadership role in investigating and troubleshooting technical issues as they come up for clients. Direct them to existing support assets, or work with other team members to find a satisfactory solution for our clients;
  • Regularly stay engaged with our existing clients to ensure they are happy and satisfied with the product and find opportunities to demonstrate our new features;
  • Assist operations and sales with new customers to setup and implement our solution towards initial success; onboarding and implementation of new clients will be an important part of your success as your relationship with our clients begin there;
  • Be dedicated to the success of our clients and to ensure they get the proper training and support and increase our Client Happiness Score!
  • Gather and document feedback and leanings from the field and work with our product designers to improve our solution;
  • Work with our communication team to proactively update our customer base on relevant updates on the product or stories of success!
  • Build automation, streamline resolutions and uncover opportunities to make our customer success unit scale as world class!

What we are looking for in a great candidate:

  • At least 1 year of experience in SaaS software experience, preferably with exposure to small and large foodservice or retail merchants;
  • Must have some level of software and basic hardware knowledge (are you comfortable with troubleshooting software problems? Can you troubleshoot a printer problem? Or a WiFi problem?);
  • Problem solving skills, and an ability to empathetically communicate with clients to get down to the root cause of an issue;
  • Demonstrate your experience as an effective written and oral communicator
  • Demonstrate your experience to multitask, manage your time and respond quickly to incoming requests, even when the answer is not available;
  • Demonstrate your experience to triage issues, questions, requests
  • Demonstrate a keen emotional IQ and your ability to see the possibilities for your client to succeed
  • Demonstrate an interest in processes and metrics; how do you strive to remove friction, improve efficiency and streamline processes wherever possible;
  • Demonstrate your experience for conflict resolution to handle challenging situations where quick decisions are needed to deescalate difficult positions;
  • Demonstrate your experience in learning and curiosity
  • Demonstrate your experience in proactivity, self-motivation and positive attitude
  • Demonstrate how you have fun!

What does a startup look like:

  • Small team, passionate personalities; love the pursuit of a greater vision; setting our own culture and rules;
  • Working hard, sometimes long hours; challenging ourselves; deep curiosity to learn and improve; love being the underdog;
  • The opportunity for fast track in your experience; mentorships; exposure to various areas of the business; ability to make decisions and have material impact no matter the position;
  • Massive economic and financial upside by earning your way into the company’s employee-stock-option plan

If you have read this far, then goodness, we want to hear from you! What are you waiting for, just send as your LinkedIn address to careers@lucova.com with the subject line: CS2020JP. Feel free to write a brief (1-paragraph max) why you want to work at Nōwn.