The way to a student's heart? Food.
Spread the love with mobile food ordering.
I order food from basically anywhere and go pick it up when the app tells me to. It's awesome!
- Martin (Student)
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Introducing Campus Dining 2.0

Keep students happy by personalizing their dining experience with an integrated solution designed to help you sell and connect to the mobile generation.

Your Lucova Campus Platform comes with 3 core solutions:

Point of
Sale Experience
Transform into an experience oriented food service provider with a system that let’s you do everything your current solution does and beyond!
Mobile Order & Pay
Let students order food on the go and pay ahead using your branded app. They can even buy food onsite and pay with the app.
Digital Meal Cards
Physical meal cards will become a thing of the past as your students start using your app to store their meal cards.
Lucova Campus in Action
Meet Sarah!
She downloads your app and registers her details
(image, name, and meal card or credit card)
She's busy studying in the library but wants a quick bite.
Using the app, she orders a burger and pays on the spot.
5 minutes later, the app notifies Sarah to go grab her food.
At the cafeteria, she’s immediately recognized, greeted by name and handed her food - no lines, no fuss.
Oh, and she just collected enough rewards points for a free drink!
Everything your business needs under one single platform
Equipped with Lucova’s mobile solutions, which students absolutely love, we’ve been able to attract more campus contracts.
- Fresh Ideas Food Service Management
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