The Power of Names


Have you been going to the same cafe, restaurant, or bar and the person serving you still hasn’t caught on to your name? Well, how about when they do greet you with your name (yes, the right name!) – feels good, doesn’t it? The relationship you’ve built, based on daily “good mornings” and quick but …

Quantifying the Value of Customer Experience


The value of customer experience can be quantified – here are some results from a recent study. People recognize the value of a great customer experience when they receive it, but a business must be able to quantify the organizational benefits in order to justify the additional costs that accompany. As consumers, brands that …

Retailers Are Adopting ‘Experience Commerce’ To Differentiate Their Brands


The explosion of e-commerce and changing consumer behaviour, towards experiences and not things, has created an urgent need for physical retailers to adopt innovative practices. While studies show that customers still prefer to shop in-store, individual brands are still faced with tough and numerous competitive players in the industry, where differentiating based on price and …