Bluetooth Gets Another Boost With Indoor Location Services


The use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) will become as common as our use of WiFi (read a previous blog post on this topic here), especially as we move towards personalized experiences and services. This seems more likely, now that BLE is enabling indoor location services effectively (Similar functions have long been around for the …

Bluetooth Will Become As Commonly Used As Wi-Fi


Bluetooth could be the game changer when it comes to mobile payments and in-store commerce, as we’ve discussed in a previous post (read here). As the wearables industry continues to grow, so does the use of BLE on smartphones, giving rise to it’s common use. Mobile Commerce Daily outlines some key trends which predict the …

Why Bluetooth Could Be The Game Changer In Mobile Payments


Effectively integrating the mobile and in-store experience has been a hot topic lately, and one where the optimal solution has yet to be uncovered. Brands have much to gain from figuring this out as they can unlock sales and tap into loyal customers, which is becoming increasingly important in light of the many retail closures …