“Customer experience”  has become a prominent topic of discussion in the world of retail, with some saying that it is the “single most important factor for an organization to achieve business success”. At least that’s what the Disney Institute had to say about it in a recently published article. However, good customer service has always been a goal for organizations, so what’s new? Well, experiences are much richer, and at Lucova our core imperative is to provide unprecedented customer experiences – so let’s dig a little deeper.

Companies large and small have taken notice of the importance of providing a customer experience in today’s markets, but few have been able to fully understand the difference between customer experience and customer service.

Well for one, Customer Service is usually thought of as a distinct department within a company that handles customer complaints, questions, and the like. Customer experience on the other hand encompasses any and all interactions between a company and its customers, with these interactions being called customer touch points.

Customer Experience as beautifully put by the Disney Institute is:

“About truly understanding your customer as segments and as individuals, architecting a plan for delivering exceptional experiences, and then empowering employees to deliver it across all touchpoints.”

So what can we take away from this statement:

1) You must understand your customer – beyond product offerings and;

2) Customer experience should be practiced as a core value in any company – to empower all employees to deliver experiences at every interaction.

At Lucova, customer experience is what we live and breathe. Using our beacon technology, companies can streamline customer information to specifically tailor meaningful experiences. Our Point of Sale Experience system instantly recognizes your customer’s name, purchase history, and more. This allows for curated discounts and promotions based on the customer’s profile. With Lucova, you can provide the tools to empower your staff to deliver a truly unique in-store experience.

At Lucova we are already delivering on the aspirations of many, to learn more click here.