Amit Jhas, CEO Lucova Inc.

My father moved to Canada with a few hundred dollars in his pocket, a wife, and a newborn child. With few resources available to him, he was able to own and operate an auto shop – that he has successfully maintained for the past 30 years.

As a child, I spent many evenings after school at my father’s automotive shop. My younger brother and I were too young to help out with mechanic duties, but old enough to notice the attention he paid to his customers. His secret to long lasting success: when you put your customers first, they will always come back.


It wasn’t that my father could make a used and abused Mazda RX7 look like it had just left the lot – but because he formed deep relationships with each and every person that entered his shop. He knew every person by name, the age of their kids, and their preferences of service. He made a menial task, like getting an oil change – personal. Thirty years later, many of the customers that walked through his door on the first day are still customers today and lifelong friends.

I have come to expect the same level of personalized service that my father provided to his customers. When I moved to Toronto, I was surprised to learn that I was not alone in my hunt to find vendors that provided a personal touch. Not just from my mechanic or car rental company (where I am their loyal member), but from every outlet that engages its customers in a face to face interaction. This desire has now grown into an expectation that I find each Millennial now demands. What sets brands apart is not simply a high-quality product or superior service, but a personalized in-store experience.

Imagine this – you’re standing in line to get your morning cup of coffee, it’s early, you are tired, you were up late binge watching Netflix; you just want need coffee. You get to the front to pay and your barista greets you by name and confirms your usual order; pretty great start to the morning! But wait, now your barista informs you that a brand promotion has offered to pay for your order. Who doesn’t like free coffee?

Our point of sale experience system allows for brands and businesses to make the most out of those face-to-face moments. And we believe this system creates a platform for businesses to humanize the relationship they are curating with their customers in a scalable way – or what we like to call brand moments. A way for brands to forge deeper long lasting relationships through personalized interactions with their customers.

Lucova was built around what my father offered to his customers – a personal experience. We believe in making commerce personal – a way of getting to know your customers – and through tailored services and curated brand moments: giving them what they want, when they least expect it.