1. Evernote

Taking notes gets that much easier when your notebook is an application that can be accessed from your phone, tablet, and computer. Evernote also lets you efficiently organize your notes, bookmark key words, and even share notebooks with friends. This is a must have app if you want to stay organized and get more done!


2. Camscanner

Have you ever hand-wrote an assignment only to realize later that it had to be typed and submitted online? This app provides a solution. Camscanner allows you to take pictures of assignments (or any documents), arrange the order of the pages and compile them all into one PDF document. You’ll never stay up typing up an assignment last minute.


3. Slack

We’ve all worked in groups and struggled communicating with all our team members effectively. Slack solves this – it is one of the best platforms for team collaborations. You can set up individual channels for discussion (e.g. “ Media” Channel just for sharing project pictures and more) and directly tag team members (e.g “@Martin can you work on the last slide”) to avoid the diffusion of responsibility. If you are ever working on a group project, remember Slack is the way to go.



Flash cards will always be around but a trip to the dollar store to buy postcard sized paper and markers will be a thing of the past. The Brainscape app lets you create flash cards right on your phone. Save time and money and get studying for that exam right away by using Brainscape – Smart Flashcards.


5. Your University App

The best app to have is the app provided by your college or university. These apps usually carry vital information such as important dates, campus maps, dining hall hours of operations, and a staff directory. More advanced campus apps provide some more functionality such as allowing you to carry a digital student ID, pay for items or courses through the app, chat with campus representatives and colleagues or even order food straight from your phone. You should download your campus app and see what you can use it for, it’s a great way to get more involved with your school and to be in the loop.


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