We all know that Millennials love their technology but Generation Z takes it a step further, they are technology natives that are expecting more and more from their mobile devices and the companies that serve them. Foodmanagment.com recently put together an article titled What Gen Z restraunt consumers want. The article summarizes the highlights and talking points at the Nation’s Restaurant News (NRA) show. It puts into perspective what players in the foodservice industry should expect from their consumers, especially the younger generations.

One common theme that is prevalent is that food services have to incorporate technology if they want to stay relevant to these coming generations.  Adam Millman, the senior director of Yale Dining went as far as saying that Generation Z  “are willing to wait two hours to go to a place that has the technology behind it, versus the brand they are comfortable with”

If one thing is certain it’s that students and the coming generations want technology to be their point of access. As Millman put it “We’re telling a story. This generation wants to know why we are doing things. And we’re telling that story through technology, which is their major form of communication.”

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