A number of campus food service providers have been undergoing pressures from students to change their operations. Some students are looking for better menu items, others are asking for higher quality ingredients or for items to be made in-house from scratch. Food service providers and university/college administrators have become much more conscious of these demands and are starting to respond. This article is written to help with that response and to prevent these critiques in the first place by keeping the service millennial friendly.

Outlined below are three simple ways to do so.

Give More

If you offer something of value millennial will stick around but most likely they will want to be rewarded for their loyalty. From Air Miles, rebate credit cards, to traditional punch cards, for millennial it’s the norm to get something back for business. Not only do these freebies provide them with instant gratification but it also allows them to justify why they are such loyal patrons to your business. Incorporating any loyalty program (even if it’s the outdated paper punch card) will ensure that you hold on to a number of good apples. 


Feedback & Ratings

Upcoming generations are realizing more and more that they have the power to influence business and that the feedback provided by them is heard and accepted by businesses. Thus being able to rate, comment, and write a review on products or services has become the norm. If you want your business to become more millennial like then you have to give users the option to rate and provide feedback. This is always a double-edged sword, for one you can get good constructive feedback and improve your operations or it could go the other way around and you can get destructive exaggerated feedback that can turn potential customers away.  However, one thing is for sure, if your service is poor and you do not provide a rating and feedback option, users will find other places on the internet to shun your business. So giving them a place to vent internally is always better than a place to attack externally.



Almost everybody has a smartphone in their pocket now, along with a number of Mobile Apps that have become permanent part of daily routine for everyone. Today, one can pay, transfer money, enter buildings, and even control the utilities and appliances at home through various mobile apps and services available on smartphones. And who are the greatest users for these smartphones? That’s right – millennial. Therefore, it only makes sense to digitize food service as well and enable students to make use of their phones. A good example of this would be coupons,  baby boomers might look to receive them in their mailboxes while millennial look in the email inbox or on one of the many mobile apps that provide digital coupons. If you want to be embraced the millennial and be known as millennial friendly service, then you have to meet with them where they are –  in the digital world.