The process of attracting new clients in any business is a tough and lengthy process, especially when the contracts stretch over a long period of time. There are multiple stakeholders and procedures that require close attention. When it comes to campus food service contracts, this can be even more difficult as food services play a key role in day to day lives of college students resulting in routine assessment of their performance by both administrators and students alike. Here are some tips food service operators can keep in mind when they’re going for those RFPs:
1. Show that you can interact with you students and provide a more personal service 
  • Allow students to rate and provide instantaneous feedback on your service
  • Know students by name
2. Stand out and have your own end-to-end solution for every campus
  • Have your own Point of Sale (POS) system to offer your campus clients
  • Take ownership of managing meal card services for the campus so you can create more value in your customer’s eyes
  • Have your own branded mobile app which students can use to store digital meal cards, check their balances, and much more

3. Have a Mobile Pre-order & Pay option on your branded app 

  • Allow students to skip the lines and order ahead
  • Give students the ability to pay with their phones along with standard meal cards

These are some of the areas we focus on with our campus food service clients like Fresh Ideas and Creative Dining.