As a student, it can be enticing to sneak in a friend or two, to enjoy the all you can eat dining services on campus which are open to students who pay for a meal program. This of course is unfair to the students who do pay to access these services. As a food service operator, who plan their meal quantities based on the number of students officially enrolled into their programs, this places an unexpected burden. To combat fraudulent use of campus dining services, more and more food service operators are turning to technology to help them monitor their dining traffic to ensure only eligible students are able to access the services. At the core of these solutions is picture verification, which also protects students against theft.

“By introducing iPad tablet computers as POS devices at two of its dining centers, University of Connecticut (UConn) Dining Services has both sped up the process of admitting students and also cut down on fraudulent use of ID cards to gain entry. That’s because the tablets display a larger and clearer image of the cardholder than the photo on the card, making the identity verification process easier while flagging unauthorized users.” Read the whole story here.

Picture verification can also assist with identity thefts on campuses:

“Three men at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford have been arrested on allegations that they made numerous vending machine purchases with someone else’s student ID card.

According to a Bradford Era report, court records reveal that a student at the university reported her campus ID card lost when the zipper on her wallet ripped. Between the time the card was lost and the new one was activated, however, the student realized that someone had rung up $71.25 in vending charges.

Upon checking her account, the summary showed 51 purchases made at vending machines across six different campus buildings — 46 of which were made within a three-hour period.” Read the whole story here.


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