Bluetooth Gets Another Boost With Indoor Location Services


The use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) will become as common as our use of WiFi (read a previous blog post on this topic here), especially as we move towards personalized experiences and services. This seems more likely, now that BLE is enabling indoor location services effectively (Similar functions have long been around for the …

The Importance of QA


From eatable goods to mobile apps, the goal of quality assurance is to satisfy customers’ needs at every touchpoint. In today’s competitive market, whether you are a big corporation or a small startup, your products’ quality will set a reputation for your business. Here are some key points to keep in mind:   Failure is …

What the US Elections Have Taught Companies About Data


Many experts, media and data analysts were utterly shocked by the results of the US election. They learned that data can convey one thing, but people can behave in a completely different way in reality. Data can’t detect feelings and emotions. That’s a face to face, human to human job.   “In tech, we need scale, so …