What’s a Point of Experience (POE) System?


You’re familiar with a Point of Sale (POS), the system that allows merchants to process and capture transactions, but who’s the new kid, a Point of Experience (POE), in town? A POE does everything that a POS does – process payments, manage inventory, track sales etc., but there’s a key differentiator. Rather than focus on …

Making Banking Intimate: Fintech and the Customer Experience


This post originally appeared on the American Marketing Association’s website and was written by Ethan Morantz, Miglena Armutlu, Cody Greer, and Vishal Pua. Banking has come a long way from its roots in 2000 BC when merchants were using grain as currency for loans (Davies 1994). During the Italian Renaissance, the banking process became more sophisticated …

In-store Staff Become Even More Important As E-Commerce Gains Popularity


In a recent interview discussing how AI will change the world, prominent venture capitalist Marc Andreessen was asked about his thoughts on the relevance of retail employees as we progress to more automation and digitization across industries. Here’s an excerpt from his interview: “Timothy B. Lee Are they though? Retail stores employ almost 5 million people, …