Lucova’s latest partnership with Creative Dining Services, a highly regarded hospitality and food management company in the US, named in 2015 as a Top 50 contract company by Food Management, expands its campus mobile food ordering solutions across to even more North American higher education institutions. Lucova is the only provider of end-to-end, white label mobile food ordering solutions, in the campus technology space – which has been attractive to food service operators who are keen on preserving the integrity of the brand names they have built both online and offline.

Creative Dining has initially launched their Lucova powered food app, Eatable, at Acqinas College allowing students to:

  • Order food and pay, ahead of time, from anywhere
  • Pay hands free for onsite purchases
  • Digitally store their meal cards (so they no longer have to carry around a physical card)
  • Provide real-time feedback about service and food quality
  • Access special offers and promotions

The app delivers the end-user features like mobile order and pay, while Lucova’s FIIT POS enables staff and head office to provide students with a home-away-from home experience where they’re automatically recognized and greeted by name at every visit. FIIT accepts mobile payments in addition to traditional payment methods making the transition to a mobile program easy for campuses.