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Toronto, Ontario – Lucova Inc. today announced the acquisition of FIIT from One Fit LLC, a new generation point-of-sale (POS) system complementing its existing software solutions, to enable experience commerce in-store – helping brands differentiate with compelling experiences delivered through personalization. Designed for mobile first and customizable to industries, FIIT has already gained traction across North American campuses by offering features competitive to Square, with the sophistication of customer proximity, meal plans, advance reporting and inventory management required for food service.


“The campus market is in need of disruption and existing solutions are not keeping up with the changing preferences of millennial customers,” said Robert Love, Lucova’s Vice President of Product Experience and a seasoned food service executive (no pun intended). “Young consumers expect service that’s customized to them and a POS system is the gateway to creating that experience. We weren’t able to find a POS in the market that does that, so we’ve created one.”


FIIT’s cloud-based software goes hand-in-hand with Lucova’s customer introduction, hands free payments, mobile order and pay, and loyalty solutions. However, the key differentiation from other POS systems comes down to FIIT’s human-centric approach. Lucova’s proprietary Bluetooth technology turns a customer’s mobile device into an intelligent sensor that interacts directly with FIIT, allowing staff to create meaningful interactions with their customers by identifying them by name and face the moment they walk in-store, remove pain points associated with transactions, empower staff and create brand loyalty.


Lucova’s focus on creating solutions that speak to experience commerce comes at the right time. Forward thinkers such as Starbucks are aspiring to transform their customers’ everyday coffee buying transactions into meaningful relationship building moments, by leveraging technology to empower frontline staff with relevant customer information.


“We believe commerce should be a connected, personal and seamless experience,” said Amit Jhas, Chief Executive Officer of Lucova. “The FIIT POS, combined with our existing solutions, generates opportunities for unique brand moments where the emphasis is on knowing the person behind the transaction, which in turn drives positive growth and results for organizations.”


“(Lucova’s) solution has changed the way we think about how food service can be delivered,” a client of Lucova shares.  The FIIT POS is available immediately and is currently live across several US campuses.


About Lucova Inc.

Lucova brings technology, data and people together to enhance the human touch-points in the world of offline commerce. Their tools for enterprise businesses strengthen loyalty by turning customers’ smartphones into intelligent Bluetooth sensors that interact with the in-store point-of-sale infrastructure – informing staff of their customer’s presence on arrival, enabling hands free payments and generating opportunities for brand moments.

Lucova’s comprehensive suite of white label products ranging from hands free mobile payments, mobile order and pay, loyalty and rewards and real-time customer insights have helped campuses across North America grow sales and increase student satisfaction. For more information visit

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