Within a bricks and mortar environment, the Point of Sale (POS) can be overlooked by customers and staff as a tool for giving and receiving great service. It’s generally there to carry out practical functions like processing purchases and tracking inventory. But the right POS can play an integral role in delivering a memorable experience to customers, and empowering staff to create meaningful interactions with them – things that have started to become critical to the success of physical stores.

As mobile devices continue to play a bigger role in commerce, from showing inventory, to making payments to collecting and redeeming loyalty points, it has become necessary for POS systems to ensure that they can effectively communicate with consumers’ mobile devices to keep up with the times and customers’ service expectations.

Most existing POS systems were not designed for mobile first- requiring brands to invest in add-on hardware in order to accept emerging forms of payments and mobile tools. This results in extra costs (which can really add up if you have multiple locations), occupation of much needed counter space and a decrease in the aesthetics of a store.

Understanding that mobile devices are here to stay, and are an extension of most people’s lives, it makes sense to consider the mobile compatibility of a POS to help brands build stores of the future.

Pictured: Our FIIT POS was built for mobile first, and through our proprietary BLE technology, it can interact with a customer’s mobile device to enable customer introductions, hands free payments, personalized brand moments and more.