Starbucks recently announced that it will be doing away with staff uniforms, instead allowing the baristas to wear whatever they have in their closets. The new dress code aims to encourage staff to relate to customers and have a positive impact on the baristas mood, which in turn is expected to result in more productive and engaging customer service. This move by Starbucks, who are generally leaders in innovative approaches to delivering great experiences for their customers, reaffirms the importance of staff interaction and engagement for attracting loyal customers.

Here are some key ways in which in-store staff generally help brands attract and retain loyal customers:

Set the tone of the brand

Your staff set the tone of your brand through the in person interactions that your customers have with them. How your staff greet customers, how they suggest products and how they respond to their feedback all play a role in how your overall brand is conveyed to your customers. And as per the Starbucks example above, even their choice of fashion has an impact.

Communicate relevant offers

At a time when customers are bombarded with e-mail offers and in-app notifications, having a real person inform them of marketing promotions which are relevant to their unique interests, has a far greater impact.

Form meaningful relationships

When equipped with the right tools and resources, staff can establish meaningful and longstanding relationships with customers which encourage them to keep coming back. This could be as simple as knowing a repeat customer’s name, understanding what their preferences are and personalizing the service accordingly and remembering little details like their birthday.