Campus enrolment has been on a decline in recent years, due to various factors, prompting those in the higher education industry to think of new and innovative ways to keep attracting students to their establishments, and get them to remain there to complete their studies.

“…enrollment peaked in 2010 at just over 21 million students. Attendance has dropped every year since. By the fall of 2014 — the most recent year government data is available — there were 812,069 fewer students walking around college campuses.” (Source: CNN Money)

Some of the reasons for the decline include things such as a lack of affordability and the growing popularity of online learning institutions. This trend creates an urgency for colleges and universities to ensure they’re providing students who do choose to attend their schools with the best possible experience for the duration of their time there.

The key advantage of physical campuses, as opposed to online courses, is the in-person experience and interactions that students enjoy. Taking this advantage and improving upon it can have a major impact on student satisfaction and favourably impact recruitment and retention.

Many students who live on campus are moving away from home for the first time, and anything that can provide them with a feeling of home can add to how much they enjoy their time at the school. This could be something as simple as being greeted by name by the cafeteria staff who serve them their lunch every single day. By offering a personalized experience, campuses can distinguish themselves from their online counterparts.