Pokémon Go has taken North America by storm and created a dedicated group of loyal users that many other apps and companies would love to replicate.

“It’s not just on installs where Pokémon GO is killing it, on app engagement as well, the app’s usage has been unbelievably high. Over 60% of those who have downloaded the app in the US are using it daily, meaning around 3% of the entire US Android population are users of the app. This metric, which we refer to as Daily Active Users has put Pokémon GO neck and neck with Twitter, and in a few more days, Pokémon GO will likely have more Daily Active Users than the well-established social network.” (Source: SimilarWeb)

While the long existing brand appeal of Pokémon, and the nostalgic sentiment associated with it, is unique to them, there are quite a few valuable tips that brands can gather from Pokémon GO’s success to apply to their mobile programs. Here are 3:

People love social and interactive experiences

While the act of playing Pokémon GO is very individual, with players having their noses buried in their phones, it does create a strong sense of community with other players and leads to in-person meet ups and spontaneous interactions about the latest catches and discoveries in the app. The app forces people to go out and explore their surroundings, and takes them out of their digital attachment seamlessly through augmented reality.

  • All brands have a loyal group of customers who would most likely appreciate the opportunity to interact with each other given their mutual interests, which can further strengthen the brand’s appeal. You can see this in the comments section of a brand’s Facebook page where complaints and praises lead to social interactions. Keeping this in mind, brands can find ways to connect their loyal ‘tribe’ in person and online through things like special events, individual recognition etc.

Unexpected surprises are engaging

Not knowing which Pokémon could be lurking around the corner and in which part of your neighbourhood creates a sense of suspense and mystery that’s quite alluring.

  • Brands can be quite predictable in how they surprise and delight their loyal customers. Here’s something free, a discount, loyalty points etc. are the most commonly used methods. But imagine if the power of mobile can be used to go beyond these traditional perks to create truly unique and spontaneous brand moments?

People are motivated by goals

While some might be playing Pokémon GO for the fun of it, many are playing to “catch ’em all.” The gamification keeps them active on the app.

  • Effective loyalty programs, which are fun and simple, can have the same type of impact for brands.