Embrace digital technology or become irrelevant – this was the message that was delivered to Canadian retailers by Sephora’s CEO, Calvin McDonald at the Retail Council of Canada’s annual Store 2016 conference in Toronto as reported by the Financial Post.  Here are some key highlights from the piece:

  • “Sephora’s business is thriving as it invests more of its resources in mobile technology, the fastest growing area of e-commerce. Mobile technology forges a better emotional connection with consumers than a desktop computer, “because her [phone] is with her constantly,” McDonald said, affording a retailer opportunity to regularly interact with customers and send them loyalty offers, product information, or allow them to book in-store appointments.
  • “The mobile push is driven by consumer demand. A new survey from American Express reported 77 per cent of Canadian retailers say customers are driving them to adopt more mobile technology, with 35 per cent of respondents saying they will create or invest in updating a mobile app in the next year; 45 per cent they will add mobile payment options in the next year.”
  • “Just based on its maturation, mobile needs a lot more attention right now — it’s not as developed,” he said. “But the fusing together of the online with our bricks and mortar business — that’s what we are focusing a lot of our technology on.”