A major university in Canada recently announced that they’ve decided to end their contract with a food service provider at their biggest location, and instead operate independently. The school indicates that this was a decision called upon by its student body resulting from their increasing frustration with their current services. Some of the key challenges they cite include:

  • “They are increasingly dissatisfied — as they should be — with really highly processed foods and a campus food service that is sort of an irritating afterthought.”
  • “They’re much more astute consumers and they have more refined needs”
  • “Twenty-five years ago, students lived in basic dormitories…Today they have granite countertops, and they have flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi and Netflix,” he said. “You have to keep up.”
  • It’s important for food service providers to be open to working with their clients to figure out how to better serve their needs.

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The lesson for food service providers? Request feedback from students on a regular basis and act on their feedback in a timely manner. Many campuses are beginning to implement food apps which include features such as mobile payments, mobile ordering and a direct student feedback tool (check out Lucova Campus) – solutions which are meant to keep up with the type of services millennials are accustomed to in other parts of their lives.