Here’s What Students Want From Their Campus’ Digital Strategy


A study conducted in March and April of 2016 and published by CR80News shows that students expect more from their campus’ digital strategy. Here are some key results from the study: 41% of respondents would be more likely to recommend their university to others if its digital interaction with students was stronger. 87% of respondents …

How Bots Will Take Over Business


The best kind of customer service is one that’s customized to each individual, based on their unique needs and preferences. Unfortunately, companies generally haven’t had the resources or capability to speak to every single one of their customers in real-time – resorting to generic means of communication (like FAQs) to address commonly asked questions. Enter bots, …

Should You Outsource Your Campus’ Food Services Or Keep It In-house?


Canada’s largest university, The University of Toronto (St.George Campus), recently announced that it will be cutting ties with its food service contractor in order to bring the services in-house. To the contrary, Eastern Michigan University is considering privatizing its dining services with an open RFP for food service vendors. While most higher education institutions in North …

Why Retailers Should Embrace Digital Technology ASAP


Embrace digital technology or become irrelevant – this was the message that was delivered to Canadian retailers by Sephora’s CEO, Calvin McDonald at the Retail Council of Canada’s annual Store 2016 conference in Toronto as reported by the Financial Post.  Here are some key highlights from the piece: “Sephora’s business is thriving as it invests …

Campus Food Service Providers Are Under Pressure To Meet Students’ Needs


A major university in Canada recently announced that they’ve decided to end their contract with a food service provider at their biggest location, and instead operate independently. The school indicates that this was a decision called upon by its student body resulting from their increasing frustration with their current services. Some of the key challenges they …

How To Cultivate Brand Loyalty


The New York Times recently published “Cultivating Brand Loyalty in Even the Toughest Customer” which discusses how customer loyalty is evolving. Here are some key points from the piece: Households, on average, hold membership in 29 loyalty programs across the retail, financial services, travel and other industries — that’s a total of 3.3 billion nationwide, …

Lucova’s Tech Spotlight At Dx3 2016


We had the pleasure of talking to Amber Mac about how our technology is helping campuses innovate at Dx3 2016 (the leading Tech, Digital Marketing & Retail event in Canada) back in March. Our Director of Business Development, Ara Ehamparam discusses Lucova Campus in the interview- check it out below:  

Melissa Austria’s Forbes Feature & How Lucova Is Helping Her Build The Retail Store Of The Future

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.27.54 AM (2)

One of Lucova’s very first clients, Melissa Austria of Gotstyle, was recently featured on Forbes magazine for her innovative approach to retail. A visionary approach that we’re happy to help bring to life through Lucova’s BLE-powered technology. Check out her story below: “Melissa Austria may have a small menswear business, but she has big plans. The …