“Not long ago, CIOs and CMOs didn’t have much to talk about. The former was traditionally more focused on the technological infrastructure of the corporation, while the latter focused on the customer experience and brand image. Marketing technology has changed all of that.

Forrester released a report that looks at the partnerships between CIOs and CMOs, and how the relationship is becoming vital to businesses. Researchers at Forrester interviewed companies such as Intel Security, IBM, Equifax and PR Newswire, among others, and they also surveyed 14,596 business and technology-decision makers.

“The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power between organizations and their customers, putting customers more in charge. Whether in B2C or B2B industries, empowered customers have an unprecedented ability to make rapid decisions, weigh and review products with peers, and provide feedback in social channels anywhere in the world. Brand value is now tied to product experiences and the outcomes they deliver,” according to the Forrester report.


Customer is king

“The customer is king,” is no longer just a slogan for retail — it’s become the rallying cry for nearly every industry. Forrester found that, out of all the businesses polled, 72 percent cited improving the customer experience as a top priority in the next 12 months. It also found that 70 percent said they are focused on improving products and services in the next 12 months, while 63 also want to “address rising customer expectations.” Those three categories, all focused on the customer, came in as priorities over reducing costs and improving company innovation.” Continue reading at CIO.com.