As the hype around online shopping starts to settle, it appears that brands are recognizing a fundamental truth about commerce. Relationships are important. Having meaningful interactions with your customers at the individual level creates loyalty and drives business growth in the process. In a recent blog post, e-commerce site Shopify announced a partnership with Facebook Messenger which would allow Shopify merchants to communicate directly with their customers through Facebook Messenger, similarly to how they would chat with their friends on the platform.

“Before the online store, building a relationship with someone who sold you something was part of the shopping experience. Messenger, and conversational commerce in general, brings that aspect back, giving you an opportunity to connect with your customers again, to know their names, and to offer them real-time, personalized service.”

Salesforce and Zendesk also announced product roll-outs which would help brands manage Messenger traffic from customers.

These updates bring online stores a step closer to replicating a key advantage that brick and mortar stores have over e-commerce, the ability to connect with customers one on one. The next phase in providing truly personalized service will come down to completing the loop and providing a seamless online to offline experience – integration with the physical environment. Here at Lucova, we’re focused on creating human-centric solutions which would allow just that (Read about it here).