Lucova was founded over two years ago on the principle that technology should be used as a way to enhance the human connection, instead of taking center stage, as we often see in how we interact with our smartphones. We ignore our surroundings, and those around us, in favour of glueing our eyes to our screens. In early 2015, Lucova’s CEO Amit Jhas shared his vision of how commerce can bring a focus back to the human experience and get people’s eyes off their phones, to build true brand loyalty through mobile technology: Read Uncovering the ROI in “Human-Centered” Mobile Commerce.

We’re pleased to see that the vision we are built upon is becoming mainstream. As reported by CIO magazine recently, Starbucks has announced that they plan to use mobile technology to enhance their customers’ in-store experience. This is a quote from the CTO of Starbucks, Gerri Martin-Flickinger on the strategy:

“We detect you’re a loyal customer and you buy about the same thing every day, at about the same time. So as you pull up to the order screen, we show you your order, and the barista welcomes you by name. We also show you your favorite treat in a picture at the same time. Does that sound crazy? No, actually, not really. In the coming months and years you will see us continue to deliver on a basic aspiration: to deliver technology that enhances the human connection.”

Starbucks is a leader in the mobile space and their efforts are closely watched and replicated by other enterprises. As they focus on employing technology which ‘enhances the human connection’ others will surely follow suit.