Campus dining is a whole industry in itself and both campuses and food service operators are heavily focused on ensuring that students enjoy their dining experience. For students who are living away from home for the first time in their lives, their food experience plays a huge role in helping them feel at home in their new environment as it’s a service that they interact with multiple times a day and acts as a source of comfort and social reach.

Given the importance of food services to students, we wanted to get a better understanding of areas where students would like to see improvements to enhance their existing experience. Here are the 4 major pain points they identified in a survey we conducted:

Long lines – the biggest pain point for students is the huge lines that they need to deal with, not only to buy their food, but to also pick up their food.

Proximity – depending on the size of the campus, the nearest place to buy food in between classes could make at student extremely late for their next class, especially once long lines are factored in.

Price – it’s no secret that many students are on a very tight budget so they’re always on the lookout for cheap options and discounts.

Food selection – as vegans, vegetarians and the health conscious population grows, a simple slice of pizza and pop just doesn’t cut it anymore. Students are looking for more options to be made available to them.

By incorporating an effective mobile program, campuses and food service providers can address these pain points, especially the issues with long lines, by way of mobile order and pay.