Brands are keen to figure out how a customer’s interactions with their ads affect the actions they take, and how it ties back to their products and services. Whether it be tracking the effectiveness of TV commercials or Facebook ads, the key desire is to get down to the specific impact on sales.


Offline retailers want to access the same level of data that e-commerce retailers enjoy, which allow them to closely follow the journey of their customers- from the moment they click on an ad, to the products they browse to the final checkout. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a similarly easy way for bricks and mortar retailers to follow a customer journey down to that type of detail. But that’s starting to change. Here are two recent examples of tracking ads to offline purchases:


This video by Coca-Cola highlights how they’ve incorporated Shazam’s solutions to better track the impact of their ads to offline behaviour.


Square recently announced that their merchant platforms can now buy Facebook ads and tie that back to in-store sales data.


These are steps in the right direction to better understand offline purchasing drivers. Here at Lucova, our belief is that the ultimate in-store experience should have the efficiency of e-commerce, with the authenticity of a mom and pop shop and we’ve built our mobile experience platform around this thinking.