TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucova Inc. has partnered with major food service providers in the market, to help campuses across North America deliver a mobile friendly dining experience for students. Through Lucova Campus, a Bluetooth powered mobile application and marketing platform, specifically designed for the higher education segment, students benefit from speed, convenience and personalization all under one solution.

“Students are early adopters of technology, especially when it makes their lives easier”

The end user component of the platform is a white label app (customized for each campus), available for both iOS and Android, which allows students to store their meal or payment cards, make purchases with their phones in a hands free manner and receive special offers and discounts. The latest addition to the solution is mobile ordering whereby students can order and pay ahead for their meals, helping them skip the line and enjoy a convenient food buying experience.

Even more important than the transaction, food service staff are equipped with information at their console, such as a student’s face and name, enabling them to have personal interactions with students, creating a truly “home away from home” experience. This also serves as an identity verification tool, so that the right food order is given to students automatically.

“Students are early adopters of technology, especially when it makes their lives easier,” explains Ara Ehamparam, Director of Business Development at Lucova. “We believe when technology is used in a way where it is hidden, but facilitates interactive, human experiences, this will keep students engaged and left with a memorable experience.”

The Lucova Campus platform is completed with intelligent data analytics for food service providers, giving them the ability to initiate real-time marketing campaigns, understand students’ purchasing behaviour and improve their offerings. Ehamparam adds “the end goal is to help campuses drive a better student experience starting with food services leading to improved student retention.”

Lucova Campus’ mobile order and pay solution is now live at Missouri Valley College and Hannibal-LaGrange University, in partnership with Fresh Ideas Food Service Management, with plans to quickly expand.

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