Mobile order and pay is all the rage these days in the food industry, and it’s increasingly becoming a standard service that customers expect, rather than an added benefit companies provide to differentiate.

The service benefits customers and staff alike. Customers hate waiting in long lines and dealing with all the frustrations that come with it. Like being delayed by someone in front who takes their time trying to decide what to order or fumbles around to pay, holding up the entire line in the process. And staff, well they certainly don’t like having to deal with angry and frustrated customers.

Having identified the need to solve for this pain point, there are many companies out there, each addressing the problem in their own way – with a laser focus on the millennial demographic. Most have created their own branded apps, like Ritual and Tapingo, signing up merchants under their platform. Then there are bigger brands, such as Starbucks, who have gone on to integrate mobile order and pay into their own branded apps to deliver that convenient experience, while keeping their brand name front and center. This seems to have served them well. Order-ahead transactions have lifted sales, allowing Starbucks to hire additional staff using revenues from their Mobile Order & Pay program. Here at Lucova, our thinking is along the lines of Starbucks’.

Bigger brands, with multiple locations, want to protect their customer’s experience by having more ownership over the branding, so they favour white label solutions. This is something that we’ve come across on many occasions when speaking with clients. As for the pain point of dealing with long lines, nowhere is it more apparent than at campuses across North America.

Surveys conducted with students at various colleges and universities highlight that their biggest pain point, when it comes to buying food on campus, is the long lines they have to deal with. In between scrambling from class to class, part-time jobs and student activities – they saw this as a big source of frustration. This has created the perfect fit for mobile order and pay, prompting our food service clients to urgently request this feature in the campus technology platform that we provide (Lucova Campus). As of this month, we have rolled out mobile order and pay at various campuses in the US, strictly based on student demand – a new feature that’s added to their existing mobile wallet app consisting of mobile pay, digital meal card and loyalty and rewards and now mobile order and pay.


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