One of the things that individuals in North America often complain about is being busy and not having the time to do more of the things we love, or spend more time with the people we love. So it comes as no surprise that, as consumers, we value simplified processes and speed for things that we don’t really care to spend time on. Things such as running errands or grabbing a quick coffee. We’d like to get in and out quickly, but are slowed down by long lines and a time consuming payment process.

It seems that this process has become even more cumbersome now, instead of less, since we’ve moved away from swiping cards to inserting them. There are added steps – first you have to insert your card, then enter the password (which you hope to get right on the first try) and then wait around for the receipt to be printed. A recent article by AdvertisingAge (“How the shift from swiping to inserting cards will accelerate mobile payments) highlights why the shift from swiping to inserting cards, will drive up the adoption of mobile payments as it’s a much faster alternative. Along those lines, solutions such as hands-free mobile payments, which Lucova already has in market, and Google is currently testing, will become increasingly more appealing.