Digital interactions permeate every aspect of our lives, from the professional world to the personal. At first this was great. Really great. You could lie in bed and answer work e-mails, talk to a friend who lives oceans away (or even next door), search for jobs, do your banking, buy shoes etc. etc. all from a screen. But as with all new shiny toys, there comes a point where the initial excitement wears off and we start to reflect and question things. It seems that reflection is leading brands and individuals to realize that they’re experiencing ‘digital fatigue’ and in the process creating a longing for better and more interactions with the physical world. That’s not to say that digital technology is going away, far from it. But rather than taking center stage, it will now take a backseat. Where devices like our smartphones will act as sensors that enhance our interactions in real life, instead of acting as distractors.

Ad Age’s “The New Revolution Will Be Physical, Not Digital” covers 5 key points on this topic:

1. Sensors will be the new devices

2. Surfaces will be the new screens

3. Smart cities will make us smart citizens

4. Only meaningful interactions will survive

5. The world will be printed