Food service providers are always looking for better ways to engage the students they service, and students are usually looking for good deals and cheap eats. These students can also become regular customers of the food establishments on campus due to their concentrated locations. This combination creates the perfect environment for a loyalty program to do well. But surprisingly, loyalty programs are not widely available across campuses which is a big missed opportunity for food service providers.


In a recent survey by Quantifize, “86.2% of students said that they would buy more from campus retail locations if a loyalty program were in place”. The ubiquitous use of mobile devices has made it quite easy for brands to implement and manage a loyalty program, and track the impact that it has on customer behaviour. Here at Lucova, in addition to mobile payments and pre-order, loyalty is a key feature that we work with our campus clients to make available to students.


At the end of the day, all consumers, students or not, like to be rewarded and campus service providers can greatly benefit from this missed opportunity to further engage their customers and keep them coming back.