From its beginning, the web agency was fast paced. Every day he was going out to events, meeting new people and gaining more clients. It was non-stop during this period, as he was also just admitted into design school. He learned to multitask, to balance school and entrepreneur life. Every morning, he wrote his task list into his book, and it was working. But as an entrepreneur, he was always scanning the horizon for problems to solve. He found one in the school: it lacked a platform for entrepreneurs. Setting out to fix that, he found a partner who shared his entrepreneurial passion. Together they founded a club with the simple goal of increasing the entrepreneurial presence in schools. They held club nights where people could find advice and tap into connections. They wanted to provide even better advice for the students, so they held a hackathon — the first one ever held at their school.

Next, they had to figure out how to promote it. Every time they finished a class, they found their way into other classrooms to give a presentation about the hackathon. Soon, teachers were asking them to come to their classes to speak to their students. The hackathon name was getting out. They managed to attract some great sponsors, such as DevTO, Microsoft, and the school itself. Newspapers in numerous schools wanted to write about the hackathon and its organizers.

With three areas of focus, multitasking was no match for the time conflicts. He had to make a choice. Remaining in school was non-negotiable; so his choice was between releasing himself from the agency, which was doing well, or exiting the company he had founded at school. After much thought, he realized his passion lies with entrepreneurship, so he decided to close the agency.

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