Since the beginning of time, humans have been relentless in every imaginable pursuit. Our never-give-up attitude applies equally to fending off large animals and to creating new technologies that push the boundaries of our own knowledge … and yes, even to persuading the girl or guy who has turned you down a hundred times. As humans, we might be pushed to the ground from time to time, but we get up to fight harder and stand stronger.  

We are relentless because it’s engraved in us.

Let me tell you a story about someone I know who is relentless. He never gives up and is continuously pushing forward. Over time, he has dreamed of becoming many things — astronaut, race car driver, fighter pilot — the list goes on. As an adult, he has chosen the path of entrepreneurship, a path that requires having the earth on your shoulders and the determination to change the world. It began with the idea of creating a gaming company, inspired by Rovio, Chillingo and the other big players.

While he didn’t have millions of people playing his games, his company opened the doors to events where he met high-net-worth individuals. His company may have been a speck of dust compared to big game producers, but he confidently brought charisma and that relentless attitude to every encounter. As he kept pushing forward, no one seemed to notice that he was little more than an ant in the gaming anthill; people were drawn to him and started mentoring him. As they introduced him to more people, everyone wanted to know his story. He felt there wasn’t much to tell because he wasn’t at their level, but he was good at thinking on his feet and adapting on the fly to any situation. At one of these events, he met someone in need of a web developer, so he spontaneously put himself in that business. He created a mental vision of another company, this time focused on web development. He pitched it right there and won his first client. Still relentless, he didn’t stop there but rather evolved his new venture to the next step. That is the story of how he started his web agency.

The story goes on, reflecting how one relentless pursuit after another has led him to increased success and one step closer to his goals, which I’ll share next time. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, a relentless attitude and a willingness to push the status quo can lead to exceptional growth – something we witness everyday at Lucova, through the clients we work with.

I’ll end with a quote from a wise man: “Even if you miss your deadline, don’t give up.”


Alfred Junco is a co-founder at Lucova Inc.