Most Millennials Interested In Using Mobile Payment Technology

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Millennials, generally categorized as those currently between 18-34, represent about 25% of the  US population at 80 million. It’s not just sheer size that they dominate, they also represent a large cohort of consumers with a purchasing power of $200 billion annually. Given their economic influence, it’s in the best interest of brands to understand …

Campus Students Are Quick To Adopt Mobile Payments

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October 20th will mark the one year anniversary of the launch of Apple Pay. With the initial release came a lot of hype and expectations about the future of mobile payments and what the customer adoption would look like.  A year in, the results show that mobile payments adoption remains low. There are various reasons …

Convenience Doesn’t Get Better Than Hands Free Mobile Payments

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Speed and convenience are two things which customers value in North America. Given our busy, on-the-go schedules, removing time-wasting pain points go a long way in improving our shopping experiences. We’ve gone from cash, to cards, to tapping devices – but the ultimate form of managing a transaction is for customers to have to do …